Promotion rules

Bonus 300% up to 1000$ (20/07 – 10/08)

Bonus 300% only for first deposit more than 10$ from 20/07 to 10/08.

That’s not instacash! You will not receive all bonus to your account just after deposit, it should be cleared with rake first.

It is credited to your cash account at $5 for every $20 paid in rake. The maximum bonus is $1000

Instacash bonus 10% up to 50$
Bonus money is credited to your bonus account. You can see the money in the cashier and use it to play as if it was real money, but you can’t withdraw it without wagering (clearing). Bonus money is wagered with rake – $5 credited to your real money account for every $20 paid in rake. The maximum bonus is $50.

Ticket to satellite for deposit rules – até 03/08/22
When making a deposit of $30 or more, the user is automatically credited with a ticket, with which he can get to any satellite with a buy-in equal to or less than the face value of the ticket.This promotion is valid until 03/08/22.

Ticket value depending on the deposit:

Deposit Tickets value
30 4 $
70 10 $
150 24 $
250 40 $
500 80 $
1000 160 $
1500 300 $


Tickets or bonuses that are obtained through roulette can be used in any tournament offered by our platform, you can check the schedule soon at the link –;

At any time, we may request proof of identity or other documentation necessary to investigate possible fraud or inconsistency of information;

In addition to the above items, the general conditions provided on our website under the “Terms of Service” tab will apply, which can be accessed through the link:;


Satellites for KSOP structure

Rules :
1.Information on how to claim the ticket will be send to your email address that you provided during registration.

  1. Detailed information about the place and time of offline tournaments can be found on the website:


Wheel of fortune rules – valid until 03/08/22
After a deposit of $30 or more, the user receives a promo code via SMS (more precisely, a link to the landing page with the wheel promo code in the get parameter). On the landing page, he spins the wheel, wins something, presses the “Claim Prizes” button and goes to WhatsApp, where support manually credits him with his winnings.The number of spins of the wheel, depending on the deposit. This promotion is valid until 03/08/22.

Deposit Wheel Spins
30 1
70 3
150 7
250 14
500 35
1000 80
1500 130

What can be won and with what probability:

3$ 57,2727%
5$ 22,7273%
10$ 4,5455%
satellite 10$ 2,7273%
satellite 50$ 0,9091%
100$ 0,8182%
$300 0,0455%
KSOP ticket 0,0455%
Free spin 9,0909%


Soon you will receive bonuses and start game.
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I certify that I am the minimum legal age for gambling in my jurisdiction, and that I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

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