KSOP bonuses rules

Giveaway rules

Period of activity – from 27.07 till 04.08
To participate:
1.Players should make a deposit of minimum USD 20 in JackPoker to participate in a giveaway. Count only those deposits, which were made in the period of activity – from 27.07 till 04.08. Increasing the sum of deposit increases your chance to win.
USD 20 – 1 ticket
USD 50 – 3 tickets
USD 100 – 6 tickets
2. Make a stories with JackPoker tag and your nickname

Deposits are accumulated during the period. It means that a player can deposit different sums of money each day. JackPoker counts only the final amount of deposited money.
Already registered players can participate. To do this, visit our stand, approve your deposit in period from 27.07 till 04.08

Giveaway goes in 3 actions. 31.07, 03.08, 04.08. Total number of prize places – 15. On each of these days we give 5 prizes. Players can participate in all giveaways. But if a person won something, he won’t be able to get more prizes.

We stop receiving deposits for a giveaway 3 hours before. If you deposit later, you will participate in the next giveaway. Postponed to the next giveaway period.
E.g. if you made a deposit on 31.08 at 13.30 and more you will participate in the next giveaway on 03.08. If you made a deposit on 03.08 at 13.30 and more, you will participate in the next giveaway on 04.08. 04.08 is the last giveaway.

Important! To pick up your gift you should be at our stand on the day of the giveaway.. If you don’t pick it up instantly, the prize goes to another person.
Giveaway starts on JackPoker stand 31.07, 03.08, 04.08 at 16.30.

Iphone 13 + USD 1000 bonus
Air pods 3 + USD 800 bonus
Air Pods 2 + USD 500 bonus
Merch Pack+ USD 400 bonus
Hoodie+cap + USD 200 bonus

1 person can receive only 1 prize.

We will print all nicknames of players who made deposits during the period of activity.

Fortune box rules

To participate a customer should make a deposit of USD 10 inside JackPoker
1 person has 1 try to get something from the box.

Deposit will stay on the player’s account. This money is not used as a buy-in for this activity. Players still can use them for playing cash games and tournaments.

Total amount of prizes per day is 152.

In total we will give:

Bonus money for game promo codes in JackPoker
USD 10 – 300
USD 20 – 200
USD 50 – 150
USD 100 – 100

Tickets for a restricted tournament in JackPoker – 75

Merch pieces
Caps – 150
T-shirt – 120
Hoodies – 80
Patches – 500

Player receives his prize instantly on the JackPoker stand.
If a player won a restricted tournament ticket he should give us his nickname. So we will add him into the list of participants.

Poker games rules

All in or fold with open cards – TH, 9 players, 5k chips
All in or fold with open cards – TH short dack, 9 players, 5k chips
All in or fold with open cards – OM, 9 players, 5k chips
All in or fold with closed cards – TH, 9 players, 5k chips

Blinds – 2 minutes, 100/200, 200/400, 400/800 and so on

HU – 10k chips

To participate in poker games at JackPoker stand a customer needs to make a deposit.
A/F – 40 dollars
HU – 20 dollars

After verification of the deposit the player receives a gaming pass to the game. To enter the table,a customer gives his pass to a dealer.

Ticket can be used from 27.07 till 07.08
Customers can check a daily schedule of our games at JackPoker stand.

Prizes for poker games
HU – USD 100 bonus money inside the platform JP

Players receive their prizes instantly on our stand. Bonus money can’t be withdrawn instantly. They can be withdrawn only after generating rake. Player can check the amount of rake in their account

Restricted tournament

JackPoker will make 1 online restricted tournament during the KSOP event.

Knockout tournament of USD 10K guarantee.

It will start 07.08 at 21.00 pm.

Anyone who made a deposit of USD 50 during a period of event (27.07-07.08 3 hours before the tournament starts we stop registration.) in JackPoker gets access to restricted tournaments. Deposits can be accumulated during the whole period.

So if on 07.08 you will have on your account the total amount of deposits of USD 50 made from 27.07 till 07.08 you will participate in a restricted tournament.

You can play the tournament even if you quit KSOP events and went home.

50 dollars of deposit will stay on the player’s account. He can use them for games as usual. This deposit doesn’t go to the buy-in. Deposit just gives access to the restricted tournament.

To start playing you need just to enter the game when the tournament starts.
Prizes will be distributed according to the amount of participants.

In 3 hours before the tournament starts, all players will receive email notification.

Before the tournament starts you will hear announcements from a KSOP director.

3 hours before the tournament starts we stop registration.

3 hours before we send a list of players from a fortune box.



Soon you will receive bonuses and start game.
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